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Why Get a Home Inspection?

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A Professional Inspection Report is a Very Powerful Selling Tool

QUAD COUNTY HOME INSPECTIONS offers pre-sale inspections. It has been proven that pre-sale inspections will help you sell your home faster. The exceptional, professional report that Quad County Home Inspections delivers is a powerful selling tool.

How A Pre-Sale Inspection Benefits the Seller

  • A professional inspection report gives much more information about a home & its systems than on a typical MLS sheet.
  • It demonstrates to potential buyers that the seller cares about the condition of the property.
  • It permits the seller to make repairs ahead of time so that defects won’t become negotiating stumbling blocks later.
  • It may encourage the buyer to waive the inspection contingency.
  • It reduces the seller’s liability by adding professional supporting documentation to your disclosure statement.
  • Sellers are provided with home selling tips which will help their home to sell faster.

Buying a Home

Protect investment with home inspection

Buying a house may seem like an endless series of critical, important decisions. When you find the house that is right for you, you need to find a home inspector to educate you about the condition of your new home. To protect your investment, finding the right professional home inspector to give you a visual inspection of the internal and external components of a home can be essential.

With QUAD COUNTY HOME INSPECTIONS you get a full, professional inspection that includes but not limited to the following:

  • Roof, vents, flashing, and trim
  • Gutters and downspouts
  • Skylight, chimney and other roof penetrations
  • Decks, steps, porches, walkways, and railings
  • Grading and drainage
  • Basement, foundation and crawlspace
  • Water penetration and foundation movement
  • Heating systems
  • Cooling systems
  • Main water shut-off valves
  • Water heating system
  • Interior pluming fixtures and faucets
  • Drainage sump pumps with accessible floats
  • Electrical service line and meter box
  • Main disconnect and service amperage
  • Electrical panels, breakers and fuses
  • Grounding and bonding
  • Fireplace damper door and hearth
  • Insulation and ventilation
  • Garage doors, safety sensors, and openers
  • Extensive mold evaluation
  • And much more!

Every property is unique, so the above list varies with each property. See more about our inspection service.

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